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Hiroto's Birthday Fanproject

We're gonna create a website specially for hiroto and we'll all post up photos, videos, messages to him on the website. During his birthday or even 2 days before his birthday, we'll all flood his fanmail with the link to the website. Of course, this is not comfirmed that he'll visit the site but well, we'll just give it a try. So like i said it's not comfirmed that he'll visit the site and if you think it's a waste of time then it's okay. Just don't join in this fanproject. At least the fans get to see each another on videos and photos and we all knows that we've worked hard on this.

What you can do
  • Take a video of yourself singing a happy birthday song for hiroto. You can also have a cake there in the video.
  • Take a photo of yourself holding onto a piece of paper with words like, "Happy Birthday Hiroto" and decorates it. (You have to be in the photo)
  • Take a really nice sky photo from your country.
  • Write a message to him.
  • All of the above.

    What you can't do
  • No porn or yourself being naked!
  • No naked photos/videos!
  • Don't do this fanproject if you've got anything against him!
  • I'm sure everyone have common sense on knowing what you should and shouldn't do.

    What we're still missing on
  • A name for the website itself. I need all of your help on this. Please help to think of a name for the website. Something nice please!
  • A translator.

    Who's gonna participate on this
    So under here, i'll post up the names for those who're gonna participate on this fanproject. You can tell me through email or just write it here at the chatbox and even the tagboard on the main page. Do let me know what you're gonna do as in taking a video, photo, sky photo, writting a messages or all of it.

    You have to let me know about this asap. Thanks.

    1. Shuu (Photo of herself, Sky photo, writing a message)
    2. Ken-chan (Photo of herself, Video)
    3. Queen (Photo of herself)
    4. Lucy (Photo of herself, Sky photo)
    5. Aki-chan (Photo of herself, writing a message)
    6. Helena (Photo of herself, Writing a message)
    7. Misakira (Photo of herself, writing a message)
    8. Meande (Photo of herself, Sky photo, writing a message)
    9. Reikochan (Sky photo)
    10. Sanna (Photo of herself, Sky photo, writing a message)

    Submit all your pictures and messages to my email. alicenineworld@yahoo.com.sg
    Please includes your Name and Location to be displayed on the site.

    Deadline will be on 2nd May 2008(might still be changed).

    Any question or suggestion, don't hesitate to email me as well.